Antibody pages updated

October 9, 2014

The antibody pages representing lots of antibodies that are used by the ENCODE project have been updated to reflect the new antibody characterization standards. New features on the page include a listing of all cell types, in any species, that have been characterized using the antibody lot, images and documents supporting the characterization of that antibody lot in that cell type, and a list of experiments that used that specific antibody lot. Also displayed on the page for the antibody lot and each characterization is a status, such as "compliant" or "eligible for new data", representing whether the antibody has been characterized to the standards defined by the Consortium.

Search and filter for antibody lots used by the ENCODE project by selecting "Antibodies" from the "Data" menu in the toolbar or entering an antibody accession (e.g., ENCAB929ZIJ), protein target (e.g., select antibodies after a search for CTCF), or product information (e.g., search forActive Motif 39137) into the search box.

Additional detail about the information displayed on the new pages is available on the antibody characterization help document.