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DCC staff

J. Michael Cherry, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, Professor (Research)

  • Ben Hitz, Ph.D. Project Manager
  • Cricket Sloan, M.S. Data Wrangler Manager


  • Esther Chan, Ph.D. Data Wrangler
  • Carrie Davis, Ph.D. Data Wrangler
  • Idan Gabdank, Ph.D. Data Wrangler 
  • Jason Hilton, Ph.D. Data Wrangler

Pipeline Developers

  • Seth Strattan, Ph.D. Data Wrangler
  • Otto Jolanki, M.S. Software Developer


  • Tim Dreszer, M.S. Software Developer 
  • Ulugbek Baymuradov Software Developer
  • Forrest Tanaka UI/Web Designer

Wrangling Assistants 

  • Nick Luther Biocurator Assistant
  • Kathrina Onate Biocurator Assistant
  • Keenan Graham Research Data Assistant