WashU Epigenome Browser

The WashU Epigenome Browser provides visualization, integration and analysis tools for epigenomic datasets. Since 2010, it has provided the scientific community with data from large consortia including the Roadmap Epigenomics and the ENCODE projects. Browser features include: (i) visualization using virtual reality (VR), which has implications in biology education and the study of 3D chromatin structure; (ii) expanded public data hubs, including data from the 4DN, ENCODE, Roadmap Epigenomics, TaRGET, IHEC and TCGA consortia; (iii) a more responsive user interface; (iv) a history of interactions, which enables undo and redo; (v) a feature we call Live Browsing, which allows multiple users to collaborate remotely on the same session; (vi) the ability to visualize local tracks and data hubs. Amazon Web Services also hosts the browser at https://epigenomegateway.org/.
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database, other
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