Establishment of a human T-acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line with a (16;20) chromosome translocation.

Hannah Ben-Bassat, Zipora Shloma, Gertrude Kohn, Miron Prokocimer.
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. 1990 October;49(2):241-248.
A new T-cell line, Loucy, was established from the peripheral blood of a patient with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). The surface marker analysis of the cell line is OKT3+, OKT4+, THB4+, J5 +/-, OKT6-, TdT-, and HLA-DR-, indicating stage IV in T-cell lineage. Karyotype analysis revealed 45,X,5q-,t(16;20)(p12;q13). The translocation between chromosomes 16 and 20 has not been previously detected in ALL. This cell line may be of value in evaluating the role of t(16;20) in the etiology of T-ALL.