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primary cell
bone marrow-derived macrophage7814
foreskin keratinocyte37353131313
endothelial cell of umbilical vein355211511631
mammary epithelial cell25122322111311
common myeloid progenitor, CD34-positive4211
B cell35311111
foreskin fibroblast26221121
peripheral blood mononuclear cell3023
CD14-positive monocyte2521111
skeletal muscle myoblast15122231111
fibroblast of lung211221
foreskin melanocyte2025
CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell2321
CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell222
naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell1921
CD4-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell191
fibroblast of dermis141111
fibroblast of breast1322
myoepithelial cell of mammary gland1412
bronchial epithelial cell5122221
regulatory T cell861
kidney epithelial cell5112211
epithelial cell of proximal tubule3112211
skeletal muscle satellite cell8111
cardiac fibroblast52111
inflammation-experienced regulatory T-cells361
T-helper 17 cell9
activated regulatory T-cells351
cardiac muscle cell31221
choroid plexus epithelial cell31221
effector memory CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell72
natural killer cell711
retinal pigment epithelial cell31221
embryonic fibroblast611
luminal epithelial cell of mammary gland512
mononuclear cell5111
CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell7
CD8-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell7
bone marrow macrophage61
epithelial cell of alveolus of lung12211
epithelial cell of esophagus31111
epithelial cell of prostate31111
fibroblast of the aortic adventitia31111
fibroblast of villous mesenchyme31111
mesenchymal stem cell7
renal cortical epithelial cell11221
iris pigment epithelial cell1221
melanocyte of skin222
non-pigmented ciliary epithelial cell1221
skeletal muscle cell21111
amniotic epithelial cell1211
aortic smooth muscle cell11111
astrocyte of the cerebellum311
astrocyte of the spinal cord311
brain microvascular endothelial cell311
dermis blood vessel endothelial cell14
mammary stem cell212
mature B cell5
Purkinje cell13
fibroblast of mammary gland31
fibroblast of pulmonary artery31
hematopoietic stem cell22
megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell211
skin fibroblast4
splenic B cell31
articular chondrocyte of knee joint111
common myeloid progenitor21
dermis microvascular lymphatic vessel endothelial cell12
endometrial microvascular endothelial cells111
epidermal melanocyte111
erythroid progenitor cell21
glomerular endothelial cell111
granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell21
hair follicle dermal papilla cell111
lung microvascular endothelial cell12
megakaryocyte progenitor cell21
mesenchymal stem cell of Wharton's jelly111
mesenchymal stem cell of adipose111
mesenchymal stem cell of the bone marrow111
placental epithelial cell111
placental pericyte111
pulmonary artery endothelial cell11
pyramidal neuron3
subcutaneous preadipocyte111
thoracic aorta endothelial cell111
vein endothelial cell111
airway epithelial cell11
brain pericyte11
bronchus fibroblast of lung11
cardiac atrium fibroblast11
cardiac ventricle fibroblast11
cerebellar granule cell2
fibroblast of skin of abdomen2
hair follicular keratinocyte11
mammary microvascular endothelial cell11
mesangial cell11
myometrial cell11
pericardium fibroblast11
stem cell of epidermis2
T-helper 1 cell1
astrocyte of the hippocampus1
bladder microvascular endothelial cell1
bronchial smooth muscle cell1
dermis lymphatic vessel endothelial cell1
endothelial cell of coronary artery1
endothelial cell of hepatic sinusoid1
epithelial cell of umbilical artery1
fibroblast of gingiva1
fibroblast of peridontal ligament1
fibroblast of the conjunctiva1
hepatic stellate cell1
leukemia stem cell1
nasal cavity respiratory epithelium epithelial cell of viscerocranial mucosa1
regular cardiac myocyte1
smooth muscle cell of bladder1
smooth muscle cell of the brain vasculature1
smooth muscle cell of the coronary artery1
smooth muscle cell of the pulmonary artery1
smooth muscle cell of the umbilical artery1
smooth muscle cell of trachea1
tracheal epithelial cell1
trophoblast cell1
uterine smooth muscle cell1