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primary cell
bone marrow-derived macrophage78
foreskin keratinocyte3
common myeloid progenitor2
erythroid progenitor cell2
granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell2
hematopoietic stem cell2
megakaryocyte progenitor cell2
megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell2
melanocyte of skin2
mononuclear cell2
airway epithelial cell1
aortic smooth muscle cell1
articular chondrocyte of knee joint1
bladder microvascular endothelial cell1
bronchial epithelial cell1
bronchial smooth muscle cell1
bronchus fibroblast of lung1
cardiac atrium fibroblast1
cardiac ventricle fibroblast1
dermis blood vessel endothelial cell1
dermis lymphatic vessel endothelial cell1
dermis microvascular lymphatic vessel endothelial cell1
endometrial microvascular endothelial cells1
endothelial cell of coronary artery1
epithelial cell of alveolus of lung1
epithelial cell of proximal tubule1
epithelial cell of umbilical artery1
fibroblast of dermis1
fibroblast of lung1
fibroblast of the aortic adventitia1
fibroblast of villous mesenchyme1
glomerular endothelial cell1
hair follicle dermal papilla cell1
hair follicular keratinocyte1
kidney epithelial cell1
lung microvascular endothelial cell1
mammary epithelial cell1
mammary microvascular endothelial cell1
mesangial cell1
mesenchymal stem cell of Wharton's jelly1
mesenchymal stem cell of adipose1
mesenchymal stem cell of the bone marrow1
myometrial cell1
nasal cavity respiratory epithelium epithelial cell of viscerocranial mucosa1
pericardium fibroblast1
placental epithelial cell1
placental pericyte1
pulmonary artery endothelial cell1
regular cardiac myocyte1
renal cortical epithelial cell1
skeletal muscle myoblast1
skeletal muscle satellite cell1
smooth muscle cell of bladder1
smooth muscle cell of the coronary artery1
smooth muscle cell of the pulmonary artery1
smooth muscle cell of the umbilical artery1
smooth muscle cell of trachea1
subcutaneous preadipocyte1
thoracic aorta endothelial cell1
tracheal epithelial cell1
uterine smooth muscle cell1
vein endothelial cell1