Annotation matrix


1282 results

primary cell
common myeloid progenitor, CD34-positive9617
B cell4810
CD14-positive monocyte489
foreskin fibroblast489
mammary epithelial cell489
CD4-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell488
foreskin keratinocyte484
foreskin melanocyte484
naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell481
CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell48
fibroblast of lung2414
CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell246
natural killer cell245
endothelial cell of umbilical vein244
skeletal muscle myoblast244
peripheral blood mononuclear cell243
CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell242
CD8-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell242
myoepithelial cell of mammary gland241
skeletal muscle satellite cell241
T-helper 17 cell24
effector memory CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell24
CD4-positive helper T cell15
bronchial epithelial cell5
fibroblast of dermis5
astrocyte of the cerebellum4
bone marrow macrophage4
brain microvascular endothelial cell4
cardiac muscle cell4
choroid plexus epithelial cell4
embryonic fibroblast4
epithelial cell of proximal tubule4
fibroblast of gingiva4
fibroblast of mammary gland4
fibroblast of pulmonary artery4
fibroblast of skin of abdomen4
fibroblast of the aortic adventitia4
kidney epithelial cell4
retinal pigment epithelial cell4
skin fibroblast4
trophoblast cell4
astrocyte of the spinal cord3
cardiac fibroblast3
epithelial cell of esophagus3
fibroblast of villous mesenchyme3
dermis blood vessel endothelial cell2
CD1c-positive myeloid dendritic cell1
Muller cell1
T-helper 1 cell1
T-helper 2 cell1
amniotic epithelial cell1
brain pericyte1
c-Kit-negative CD71-positive TER-119-positive erythroid progenitor cells1
c-Kit-positive CD71-negative TER-119-negative erythroid progenitor cells1
c-Kit-positive CD71-positive TER-119-negative erythroid progenitor cells1
c-Kit-positive CD71-positive TER-119-positive erythroid progenitor cells1
dedifferentiated amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cell1
dermis microvascular lymphatic vessel endothelial cell1
epithelial cell of prostate1
fibroblast of peridontal ligament1
fibroblast of the conjunctiva1
glomerular endothelial cell1
glomerular visceral epithelial cell1
leukemia stem cell1
mononuclear cell1
non-pigmented ciliary epithelial cell1
pulmonary artery endothelial cell1
regulatory T cell1
renal cortical epithelial cell1
skeletal muscle cell1
smooth muscle cell of the brain vasculature1
stromal cell of bone marrow1