Several groups and individuals outside the ENCODE Data Coordinating Center have contributed directly to the development of the ENCODE Portal or its content.

University of California, Santa Cruz

  • James "Jim" Kent, PI
  • Brian Lee, Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Katrina Learned, Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Baylor College of Medicine, Roadmap Epigenomics Data Analysis and Coordination Center

  • Aleks Milosavljevic, PI
  • Ronak Patel, Instructor

Stanford University, Former Cherry Lab Members

  • Cricket A. Sloan*, M.S, Data Curation and Wrangler Manager
  • Laurence Rowe, Senior Software Developer
  • Nikhil Podduturi, Software Engineer
  • Eurie Hong, Ph.D, Project Manager
  • Venkat Malladi, Data Wrangler
  • Greg Roe, Software Engineer
  • Drew Erickson, Data Wrangler
  • Jeff Long, Data Wrangler
  • Jean Davidson, Ph.D, Data Wrangler
  • Marissa Melen, M.S. , Software Engineer
  • Marcus Ho, M.S. , Associate Data Wrangler
  • Aditi Narayanan, Associate Data Wrangler
  • Carrie Davis, Ph.D., Data Wrangler
  • Julie Wong, Biocurator Assistant
  • Nicholas Luther, Associate Data Wrangler
  • Karthik Kalyanaraman, Software Developer
  • Kathrina Onate, Associate Data Wrangler
  • Tim Dreszer, M.S., Regulome Software Developer


The ENCODE DCC is currently funded by a U41 grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (HG009397), and was previously funded under grant number HG006992. The content of this web site is solely the responsibility of the contributors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Human Genome Research Institute or the National Institutes of Health.



*Also part of UCSC